Peter Smythe



                                                Peter has been associated with Italy all his life. His

                                                mother's family come from near Vicenza and he 

                                                bought his 15th century home in Bassano del Grappa

                                                in 2002


                                                Peter studied chemistry at York University in the 1970s

                                                and then worked on the stock market for thirty years

                                                before retiring in 2008. The majority of his working life 

                                                was spent with the US investment bank, Salomon

                                                Brothers dealing with the European equity markets


                                                Since then he has studied History of Art at the University

                                                of London (Birkbeck College) graduating in 2015

                                                Whilst his interest in food can be traced back to 1956 

                                                his interest in art began to develop in 1978 when he

                                                bought his first watercolour in the Bayswater Road

                                                Over the ensuing years he has collected artists such as

                                                the Swedish Impressionist and portrait painter, Anders

                                                Zorn and the English master printmaker and illustrator,

                                                Elyse Ashe Lord


                                                After retirement, Peter worked for two years at a

                                                charitable foundation in Kent giving weekly talks on art

                                                history, art and artists


                                                He is currently working on two writing projects: a monograph

                                                of Elyse Ashe Lord and an entertainment about Italian life

                                                and culture