Art and gastronomy in the Veneto is a very different kind of tour. It aims to blend together architecture, painting and sculpture with regional and seasonal food and wine. 


The tours are limited to a maximum of six people and last for six days, Tuesday through to Sunday. 


Tours will take place during the months of September, October and November only.


Each day will consist of visits to cultural places of interest during the morning and the afternoon together with lunch and dinner.


All the restaurants are varied and they represent different opportunites to sample traditional classics and regional specialities like baccala and local wines such as vespaiolo.


Page 4 of this site contains the full itinerary, with website links where available, of the first tour from the autumn of 2014.


In effect, the tour group will act a little like a roving dinner party that goes from museum to restaurant to cafe and so on. It is necessarily intimate and this provides an opportunity to engage fully with the guide about the art, the food, the wine and the culture.


The tour only runs during the autumn of each year because that is the time when the weather is the most perfect, neither too hot nor too cold, and when the crowds have dissipated

and the school year has recommenced. 


The Veneto enjoys a microclimate owing to the Alps that shelter the region from the worst weather and this typically produces clear, blue-skied and mild autumns.


The art on view will be of world stature but much of it will be less well known than the art found on the normal art circuits in places like Venice, Rome and Florence.


The Veneto is incredibly rich in art that is readily accessible and it is possible to view it

very close up and in an unhurried manner.


So the tour is like a stroll through the best of everything that the Veneto has to offer, a chance to visit rarely visited museums and to eat in some of the finest and most interesting restaurants in the region.


Some of the best architecture in the world will be on display and Palladio is my area of particular interest. We will visit the house that spawned the 18th century country house revolution in England (Villa Barbaro), the Palladian palaces of Vicenza (Palazzo Chiericati) and share an aperitivo on the beautiful wooden bridge designed by Palladio in Bassano.


The hotels that you will stay in are all either within the medieval town walls of Bassano or on the edge of them and they represent a key part of the tour experience; places that are old,

authentic and full of character.